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Now you can monetize a worldwide audience of super fans that want to be closer to the action through ticket revenue, sponsorship opportunities, VIP experiences, theme nights, merchandise sales and virtual season ticket packages.

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Virtual Seat™ Is The Premiere Virtual Fan Solution Designed Specifically for Live Events

Robust Moderation Tools

Pre-screen fans, monitor and communicate directly, create a unique user ID  to be able to prevent and track piracy, store user information, and with one click, immediately eliminate and remove inappropriate behavior before they make broadcast. 

Creating communities of shared interest - reaching people in a place they are passionate about.  Greater depth with players, bts, fantasy, analytics, fan discourse. guest appearances and multi-camera angle views. Meeting fans where they are already going - online. Become apart of the action. A new much more intimate experience for players and fans alike. 

Multi-Dimensional Viewing Experience


Sponsorship opportunities, merch sales, VIP experiences, theme night, enhance season ticket value for global (casual) fans.

Fully Customizable & Scalable

Unlimited branding options for your event, team or sponsor and unprecedented control and customization of the audience. 

Powerful Cloud Based Technology

This ULTRA low-latency solution allows for unparalleled control, moderation, scalability and custom creative. Fans don’t need to download an app and they can use any device to access this interactive experience.

The Fan Experience

Co-Viewing Experience

Fans, VIPs, contest winners will have their own virtual suite to view the game together, chat and share every thrilling moment of a live event.

Choose Your Camera Angle

Fans can choose from a selection of broadcast cameras at the touch of a button, or watch all views in one grid.

Special Guest Drop-Ins

Athletes, celebrities and performers can “drop in” to say hi directly to all fans or have a more personalized one on one conversation in a VIP suite.


Custom animated signs show up on each fans feed to give them control to react to the action.

Interactive Graphics

Producers can cue up special promotions with clickable banners.

Producer Tools

Tickets & Registration

Easy to use for fans, no app to download. Includes a complete digital ticket generation tool...or scale up to a robust custom registration website.

Creative Tools

The look and feel of your virtual audience can be customized with 3D animation, colors and branding. No need to stick to a flat grid (but those look cool too!)

Fan Feed Controls

Virtual Seat allows you to rearrange, group, and move fans to any desired locations.  Always have a full room with the ability to replace fans at any time.

Hospitality & Security

Speak directly to fans to give them direction and make them feel welcome. Speak to all of the fans at once or smaller groups. With one click remove fans to enforce code of conduct.

In 2020

Virtual Seat™ delivered over 200,000 live fans into major broadcast events for the NFL, NBA, WWE, The US Open, Esports events and more.

Virtual Seat™ delivered over 200,000 live fans into major broadcast events for the NFL, NBA, WWE, The US Open, Esports events and more.

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World's Biggest Stages

Virtual Seat has revolutionized the fan experience for a wide range of broadcast events, leagues and shows.


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